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Colorbond ® is manufactured with a corrosion resistant material called Zincalume ® . Colorbond ® is used in 90% of Australian homes it’s proven durability and low maintenance qualities are designed for our weather. It has a high tensile strength reducing the chance of dents from ladders or hail. With the choice of 22 colours there is one perfect for your home.

View the Colorbond website or see below

  • SurfmistR
  • Classic-CreamR
  • DuneR
  • Evening-HazeR
  • Shale-GreyR
  • PaperbarkR
  • CoveT
  • WindsprayR
  • GullyT
  • WallabyT
  • Pale-EucalyptR
  • TerrainR
  • BasaltT
  • MangroveT
  • JasperR
  • IronstoneR
  • Woodland-GreyR
  • Deep-OceanR
  • Manor-RedR
  • Cottage-GreenR
  • MonumentR
  • Night-SkyR

Choosing colours:

Changing colours can be a difficult decision but sticking with the same colours may not give the facelift you’re looking for.   Consider the style of your home, the colours of existing surroundings and future renovations.  For inspiration drive through a new suburb or try the Colorbond colour visualiser.